Bonus  - Secret 10-second Hypnotic Mind Control

A woman is walking into a gas station she often stops at and thinks about the cute cashier that works here but this day is different, she has recently learned the secret to hypnotic mind influence.  She is new and nervous but knows she is part of 1% that holds this confidential information so she keeps it quick, covert and simple.

She walks in and says to him, "Hey how was your day?" he says, great.  She says "I filled that low tire on the car and remembered we need some paper towels", he smiles.  As she pays she says "oh I almost forgot, I have to get home and get our dog fed so see you later have a good day!" he says thanks and as she walks out the door turns one last time to say, "we got to plan a vacation soon", he laughs and she smiles back and says in a familiar tone "ok hun see ya later" and leaves the store.

Because she knows something you don't yet she just subliminally delivered these hypnotic suggestions easily in seconds of effort. Did you see it?

Feel safe and comfortable with me

Think of us being intimate

Imagine us being romantic

I'm your wife/girlfriend


No one watching could of seen it happen?

he has no idea that the suggestions were given and when she sees him again the suggestions will have framed how he views her accordingly and she will be able to take another step if he doesn't ask her out first.

Want to learn how she did it so quickly, easily and covertly?

The full 26 page report will clarify it for you